2023 CUPE Local 402-02 Extended Health Care & Dental Benefit Costs (Library)

Annually the City reviews the actual costs of its benefit programs and then makes any adjustments necessary to ensure the cost sharing formulas are correct. We have received and reviewed the data for 2022 utilization by CUPE Local 402-02 Library members for the Extended Health & Dental Benefit Plans. The result is the following monthly benefit rates for your members effective June 1, 2023.

Extended Health Care

Current Employee Rate          June 1, 2023 Employee Rate

Single   $31.87                                        $32.39

Family   $74.93                                       $76.15


Current Employee Rate         June 1, 2023 Employee Rate

Single   $15.57                                       $18.55

Couple   $22.68                                     $27.02

Family   $33.96                                      $40.46

Basic Life

Current Employee Rate         June 1, 2023 Employee Rate

$0.059                                     $0.053

Long Term Disability

Current Employer Rate         June 1, 2023 Employer Rate

$3.146                                     $3.146

CUPE BC – Wants to hear from you

Dear CUPE member,
Are you a hobby photographer? A poet or musician? Perhaps you’re a storyteller who has a way with words, a talented illustrator who does animation, or a gourmet chef with a great recipe to share. If you’re any of these things—and many more—we want to hear from you!
Next spring, CUPE BC will be publishing a special May Day edition of Public Employee magazine as a supplement to the regular issue. Produced in time to celebrate International Workers Day, this issue of our flagship publication will feature content—articles, photos, and graphic images—generated entirely by our members. We want to feature CUPE members from all sectors and all corners of the province by having you share your hidden talents while telling us your own stories of work, life, culture, and community. Perhaps there’s another member you’d like to tell us about—or even interview: someone with a cool job most people wouldn’t think is CUPE work, a member who’s involved in international solidarity issues like migrant farm worker advocacy, or one who’s well known as an event organizer for concerts, arts festivals or Pride parades. Perhaps it’s an amateur archivist who has great stories or old photos to share about their local’s history. Or a CUPE member who has served in public office—or still does—and wants to reflect on their political action experience.
For submissions, we’re looking for written contributions of up to 250 words in length and high-resolution photographs of two megabytes (MB) or higher. Depending on the volume of contributions, not all submissions may be published. But every participant will receive CUPE swag and be entered into a prize draw.
Please send your contribution by February 1, 2022 and e-mail it to: info@cupe.bc.ca
In solidarity, 
Karen Ranalletta President CUPE British Columbia
Trevor Davies Secretary-Treasurer CUPE British Columbia

Public childcare now!

Below is a message from Karen Ranalletta president of CUPE BC

Dear Member,

I’m writing to ask you for your help.

As you know, CUPE BC is a strong supporter of quality, affordable and accessible childcare. The provincial government has been doing great work to address the serious lack of spaces and affordability for families, but there is so much work yet to be done.

(If you already know you support the campaign, you can save time and just click here to join the campaign.)

We began our childcare campaign advocating for the Seamless Day model of early learning childcare, and that advocacy has resulted in more than 20 pilot projects currently underway in schools around the province. (Here’s more about the work we’ve been doing.)

The federal government recently announced a significant investment in childcare for kids aged 0-5, and that’s good news, but it doesn’t do anything for one of the most critical childcare shortages—spaces for school-aged kids (ages 5-12.) People all over B.C. struggle to find affordable quality childcare for before and after school—and even if they can afford it, they often have to go to great lengths to get their kids to and from care.

Wouldn’t it be great if before and after school childcare was available at the school? Doesn’t that just make sense?

The most efficient and cost-effective way to get quality, accessible and universal school-aged childcare up and running quickly is to create spaces in public schools.

We have the facilities already—there’s almost no need for capital expenditures or construction.

We have the trained staff available—qualified Education Assistants already are in place, and most don’t currently receive full-time hours.

For parents, it couldn’t be more efficient—drop your kids at school in the morning and pick them up at the end of the day. No more running to multiple locations or juggling competing schedules.

And for kids this means high quality care with more stability and fewer transitions through their day – this is especially important for some children with special needs for whom these transitions can be very difficult.

Here’s how you can help

We’re asking supporters of our vision of public childcare to visit our action site and take 20 seconds to send an email to your local School Trustees asking them to advocate for their district to get on board.

We’ve already made significant progress toward building a public childcare system. Let’s keep the momentum going, and together we can make public childcare for school-aged kids a reality in B.C. schools.

Thanks for your support.


Karen Ranalletta


-=-=-CUPE BC · Canada

MMIWG2S Event | Red Dress Gathering | Oct 3

A Red Dress Gathering will be held in Surrey’s Bear Creek Park on Sunday, October 3 in honour of the thousands of missing and murdered Indigenous Women, Girls, and 2-Spirit People in Canada.  Please mark the event in your calendars, and additional information will be provided closer to the gathering date.


Date:  Sunday, October 3, 2021 

Time:  12:00-4:00pm

Location:  Bear Creek Park, 13750 88 Ave Surrey