About us

Executive and stewards

This is your 2020-2021 executive:


Denise Parks, Chair
604-598-7405 (work)
604-341-3890 (cell)


Robin Price, Vice-Chair



Raqiya Khan, Secretary
604-592-6902 (work)


Colin Epp, Chief Shop Steward


Samantha Lee, Member at Large


Sandra Cole, Sergeant at Arms
604-598-7439 (work)


Tracy H.
604-598-7306 (work)

City Centre Library
Sandra C.
604-598-7439 (work)

Orsi M.
604-598-7422 (work)

Cloverdale Library
Laura L.
604-598-7334 (work)

Collections Services
Kelly K.
604-598-7389 (work)

Paul M.
604-598-7331 (work)

Fleetwood Library
Belinda M.
604-598-7342 (work)

Guildford Library
Susan A.
604-598-7369 / 7315 (work)

Newton Library
Mandi T.
604-598-7404 (work)

Ocean Park Library

604-502-6452 (work)

Port Kells Library
Cortney T. (information distribution only)
604-598-7440 (work)

Semiahmoo Library
Raqiya K.
604-592-6902 (work)

Kevin A.
604-592-6910 (work)

Strawberry Hill Library
Samantha L.
604-501-5836 (work)


Jan P.
604-501-5844 (work)

Casual IST/YST
Quinn P.
604-598-7376 (work)

Casual Circ. Serv. Assistants
Lisa B.

Colin E.
604-598-7321 (work)


Robin P.
604-598-7325 (work)

Circ. Serv. Clerks
Amar B.
604-598-7362 (work)

Kevin A.
604-592-6910 (work)

Paul M.
604-598-7331 (work)

Margo L.

Please note that all Executive officers may act as Shop Stewards.


Committees as of January 2020

Bargaining Denise Parks (Chair)
Robin Price (Vice Chair)
Raqiya M. Khan (Secretary)
Vacant (Alternate)
Communications Denise Parks
Eileen McMillan
Raqiya M. Khan
Jan Parker
Sandra Cole
Education Denise Parks
Grievance Jan Parker (Chief Shop Steward)
Denise Parks
Eileen McMillan
Health and Safety Susan Andrews
Sandra Cole
Colin Epp
Job Evaluation Eileen McMillan (Vice Chair)
Amar Bains
Sandra Cole
Colin Epp
Labour Management Denise Parks
Eileen McMillan
Jan Parker
Raqiya M. Khan (Alternate)
Library Board Sandra Cole
Colin Epp(Alternate)
Metro District Council Eileen McMillan
Colin Epp
New West District Council Denise Parks
Colin Epp
Union Counsellor / Peer to Peer Tracy Hetherington