Upcoming EFAP Webinars

Upcoming EFAP Webinars from the City

Teh city has added a few more EFAP webinars to help support your mental wellbeing during COVID-19. Learn more about the following webinars presented by the City’s Employee Family Assistance Program (EFAP).



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August 28 Update

Hi Everyone,

This week will see a lot of staff coming back to work.

Below is an update from Surinder.

As always send any concerns and questions to any member of the executive.

In Solidarity,


From: Bhogal, Surinder <Sbhogal@surrey.ca>
Sent: 28-Aug-20 10:44 AM
Subject: Message from Chief Librarian: Updated Plans, Service Hours and Mask Protocols

Hi Everyone,

We look forward to welcoming many more staff back on September 1 as the branches are preparing for reopening – installing plexiglas, signage, and finalizing schedules, training documents and procedures. All staff will receive training on the safety protocols and new procedures. As information and health orders change, our plans are fluid, and processes and procedures will continue to change even after we open. Note the latest reopening documents are available on the Intranet here.


  • An updated Safety Plan is on the intranet here. with the addition of 3 new procedures regarding testing positive for COVID, self-isolating and contact tracing. (appendices 0, P, S).
  • An updated Security Manual includes new procedures on patron physical distancing protocols and dealing with symptomatic patrons (section 3.23), and how to respond to racism (section 3.6.2)


Starting September 9, 2020,  we will reopen City Centre, Cloverdale, Fleetwood, Guildford, Newton, Ocean Park, Semiahmoo and Strawberry Hill with the limited hours. Port Kells will not reopen for public access but offer curbside/holds pick-up and closed stack service. Clayton branch will open in Q1 2021 – exact timing to be determined. The Library will remain closed on Sundays and Mondays, including Monday Dec 28. The Library will close on statutory holidays (Oct 12, Nov 11, Dec 25, 26, Jan 1, and remain open on Dec, 30, 31 and Jan 2. More details in the Level 3 Recovery Plan .


With the rise of COVID-19 cases in BC and as more staff return to work, the City is taking additional precautions to ensure everyone’s safety and to reduce the risk of exposure in the workplace.  Effective Tuesday, September 8:

  • Masks must be worn in areas where physical distancing is not possible, including elevators, stairwells and vehicles.
  • Masks must be worn when:
    • Staff are front facing, working with the public and not separated by a physical barrier
    • Departments have advised staff to wear masks.
    • There is a fire drill.
    • Staff visit other branches.
  • Masks are also expected to be worn when staff leave their immediate work areas and especially in common areas such as hallways, lunch rooms, and washrooms – essentially, at any point where you may not be able to maintain a  2 metre distance for another person.

City/Library staff have been issued with 2 cloth and 1 disposable masks. Please ensure that you have them readily available to use at any time while at work.

Thank you again to all the staff that have been working so hard to serve our public;  and all the teams that have contributed to our reopening preparations.