2021 CUPE Local 402-02 Extended Health Care & Dental Benefit Costs (Library)

Annually the City reviews the actual costs of its benefit programs and then makes any adjustments necessary to ensure the cost sharing formulas are correct. We have received and reviewed the data for 2020 utilization by CUPE Local 402-2 Library members for the Extended Health & Dental Benefit Plans. The result is the following monthly benefit rates for your members effective June 1, 2021.


Extended Health Care

Current Employee Rate             June 1, 2021 Employee Rate

Single               $25.03                                      $27.71

Family              $58.85                                      $65.15


Current Employee Rate             June 1, 2021 Employee Rate

Single               $17.30                                      $17.30

Couple             $25.20                                      $25.20

Family              $37.74                                      $37.74

Basic Life

Current Employee Rate             June 1, 2021 Employee Rate

$ 0.053                                    $ 0.050


Current Employer Rate             June 1, 2021 Employer Rate

$ 3.379                                                  $ 3.210

February Update

Hi Everyone,

I have some information that may be useful for you.

First, Shift Replacement Opportunities for Union Staff have been posted again. This is an opportunity to pick up shifts in a different position than you are currently working. The deadline is February 9 and the complete information has been posted on the Intranet.

Next, did you spend any time working from home last year? If so, you should qualify for a tax credit from the Federal government. Read more about it on the CRA website.

The BC Recovery benefit came out in December. There is still time to apply to get it if you haven’t already. Learn more about it on the BC government website.

Until further notice, the general membership meeting will be happening on the third Thursday of the month on Zoom. The link to register will be sent out a week before the meeting. Also, minutes of the previous meeting and the agenda will be sent out about 30 minutes before the meeting starts. Those who register late will not receive an agenda.

Please send any questions to any member of the executive.

In Solidarity,

MPP Redesign Info Sessions *All Members Welcome*

CUPE BC will be hosting three more info webinars open to all CUPE members on the Plan Partners BC Municipal Pension Plan Redesign changes.  Please find an invitation attached containing registration links for all sessions between October 13th to November 3rd.  NOTE: These webinars are meant to provide general information only.  Members seeking specific advice on their retirement planning should consult directly with a personal financial advisor.

Oct 29, 2020 | 5:00-6:00pm

Registration: click here

Nov 3, 2020 | 5:00-6:00pm

Registration: click here

Upcoming EFAP Webinars

Upcoming EFAP Webinars from the City

Teh city has added a few more EFAP webinars to help support your mental wellbeing during COVID-19. Learn more about the following webinars presented by the City’s Employee Family Assistance Program (EFAP).



Important note: Registration is required to join the webinars.