March 20th Update

CUPE 402-02 Members
We just wanted to let you know that the Union Exec is working hard on your behalf to ensure that everyone remains working as long as possible with the constant changes we are all faced with.
As you may know, the Ops teams participates in a conference call each day to create a fair plan and strategies for all.
It is important that you keep in contact with your Supervisor or Manager and check email on a regular basis.
At our meeting on Wed, we were presented with a number of concerns from members. We hope that we were able to address as many as possible considering the changing atmosphere.
We also had our Labour Management meeting on Thursday by conference call and will send out an additional update shortly.
We are here to support you in any way we can. Please continue to forward your questions and concerns to us through email, phone or text.
Stay safe everyone
In Solidarity
Denise, Eileen, Raqiya, Jan, Sandra, and Colin.


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Title: Message from Chief Librarian – March 20, 2020


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Message from Chief Librarian – March 20, 2020


Hi Everyone,

I hope you are looking after yourselves, your loved ones and your colleagues – how our world has changed in one week!  Here’s today’s update:

  • The Library and Union have agreed on an Interim Flexible Work Program and procedures. This will be rolled out next week, giving staff options around working in branch or from home. There are many variables to consider for remote work such as access to technology, whether work can be performed remotely, etc. There is still much work that can be completed in the library and staff who choose to work at the library can still do so. Please discuss with your manager and we will try best to accommodate your needs.  We are collating staff requests from across the system for over 200 staff, so please be patient as there are many logistics to sort out. We aim to roll this out on Tuesday March 24.
  • Given the high call volume to 8-1-1, if staff who are feeling ill use the online self-assessment tool to determine whether they should self-isolate, the Library will accept the recommendation of the self-assessment tool as the required medical recommendation to self-isolate.
  • I know there are still many unknowns regarding when the Library will reopen, how staff will be compensated in the future, etc. To reiterate, the Library commits to compensating staff for all scheduled shifts, including casuals and clerks.  At this point there is ample work for staff to complete – either at a physical library location or, starting from mid-next week, from home. If casuals choose to cancel their shifts, they will not be compensated. The Library and Union are working with the City and there is no confirmed decision yet, so please stay tuned.  I understand the uncertainty is difficult – many of our neighbouring libraries are in the same predicament as we work with our various levels of government to resolve this unprecedented issue.
  • On a lighter note, use of our online services has skyrocketed. We’re gathering some info and will share next week.

Stay safe and healthy, and please continue to practice social distancing measures while at work.

Surinder Bhogal

Chief Librarian